How to study for the B2 exam

The next B2 exam (Lingua e Trad. II) is on the following dates:

Written 18 June,2008 9.30
I oral 24 June,2008 10.00
II oral 8 June,2008 10.00

The B2 exam is modeled after the Cambridge FCE (First Certificate).

The exam lasts 4 hrs. The first 2 hrs will be spent doing a reading test (2 articles with questions) and grammar exercises (multiple choice vocabulary, error-correction in the style of FCE, word-formation in the style of FCE, multiple choice verb tense questions, etc.). The second half of the exam will include 30 minutes of listening comprehension, plus 1 hr 30 minutes of writing: there will be 2 essays to write, one of which will be a choice of a letter or other type of essay (for the letter, be sure to study letter format) and the other essay will have to do with English in Film (the course taught by Serenella Zannotti).

If you pass the written portion of the exam, we will notify you to come to the Oral exam. At the oral exam you will speak both to me and to Prof. Zannotti, regarding the typical topics covered in our class, as well as the specific films covered in hers. Students who were in Erasmus or for another excused reason did not attend Prof. Zannotti’s course will not have to write OR discuss those specific films.


Come to class. This will help you with vocabulary, with reviewing grammar points, and with speaking out loud. We’re a fun group, and learning together is more interesting than studying alone. Join us.

Come to exam reviews. Starting in March 2008, there will be a weekly exam practice session, covering all of the areas on the test. Taking tests helps you perform well on tests.

Do your homework in Michael Vince’s book. This FCE Language Practice (the purple book with key). Correct your work with the key. Come to me with questions about why your answers were not correct.

-Use your Move CD to do additional listening practice (and see the websites listed below)

Get additional practice on-line by visiting these and other websites:


Here is a link with the format for formal letters in different countries. It still seems to me that the British format for dates is 12 May 2008 (as opposed to 12th May 2008 as students have indicated) ……..but there is NO reason to stress out over this particular detail, because 1) surely even the British would not really care, and 2) it does not matter for the exam!! is a site with several FCE-style practice exercises. (obviously, the general site is – tests for several levels of Cambridge and IELTS are covered) (this one costs money)

New links added 12 May 2008 (explains each section of the FCE in detail AND gives links to where you can practice each section on line (for example, listening portions from the British council) , click on “corpus” for a huge collection of sample letters, essays, etc. written by FCE students a website full of links for self-study for FCE


And, of course, (look for FCE) You can also do a Google search for these key words: FCE practice, listening practice ESL, listening practice English, etc.

NB- this is NOT a Cambridge Exam! You will NOT receive a Cambridge certificate :-).

Good Luck- In bocca al lupo!!



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